I just received the following email today (6/29/14).  The Sister Paula program she makes reference to was made more than five years ago -- when Daniel filmed me in his kitchen.  This past month has been very difficult -- financial discouragement and weary of struggling.  Self condemnation and guilt overwhelmed me.  And today, the following email came in.  It speaks for itself.  God's way of letting me know that my efforts are not in vain, and reminding me that there are probably many others who have been helped by my television program over the years who have not written.  Only eternity will reveal how our efforts have blessed and enriched others.  There are a lot of hurting people how there.  God has confirmed to my heart that I need to go back on television on a regular basis, and I am looking for someone to produce my program, and get it back on the air.



Dear Sister,

     In 2006, my estranged husband hired a man to kill me,and I was forced to kill the hit man. The process of the criminal case, a civil case I filed, and a complex divorce that wasn't settled until 2009 was exhausting. Always living with a loaded gun next to me, fearful of a second attempt kept me sleepless.

     My broken, confused, fearful heart was so sad one night about 5 years ago that I couldn't sleep and could not find peace. Flipping through channels I came upon your show.

    You spoke of tucking yourself under the wing of the Holy Spirit until trouble passed. Your words filled my heart with the peace that had eluded me that day. Then you began to sing...

    Seeing your resilience, lack of self judgment, and the certainty of your faith while exuberantly singing in the kitchen, coffee pot in the background, unleashed laughter in me. I  had not laughed in weeks!

    When asked how I have survived a deadly force encounter and all that came after, my response is always the same. It is with the help of family, friends, and community.  Thank you for being a voice in a troubled life, late at night.

    My ex died Friday the 13th, a week short of turning 66, 2 months short of parole. I am free from a terrible burden. I have been thinking about my journey and those who held me in my brokenness, when I was unable to hold myself together.

    I moved in 2011, losing a clip of the scripture from that night, I think psalms something, but I have not and will not forget how you touched my heart.



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